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Did You Know?

Group Hotels Will Offer More…

Group Hotels want your business and sometimes they will offer your group free stuff like:

  • Free Hot Breakfast
  • Free Meeting Space
  • Free Group Leader Rooms
  • Free Room for an Office
  • Free Group Hotel Rooms
If you don't ask you don't get...

Group Travel Planners need to know what to ask for, not just the lowest group hotel rate:

  • What is around the Hotel?
  • Does your hotel offer free shuttle service?
  • Does your hotel allow pets?
  • Does the hotel have Free Parking?
The more you know, the more we can help you get the best Group Hotels for Group Travel.

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Group Travel Rates

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When making a

Group Hotel Reservation

what’s most important?

When my Group arrives to the assigned Group Hotel will their rooms be available?
  • Yes!
When my Group arrives will my Group Meeting Room be ready?
  • Yes!
When I make my Group Hotel Reservation, will I receive conformation?
  • Yes!
When I make my Group Hotel Reservation and something is not right, is there somebody to call?
  • Yes!
Will my Group Hotel have the right amount of rooms for my Group?
  • Yes!
Don’t forget to make your Hotel check list! Book today at for your

Group Hotel Reservations!

group hotel discounts as low as:
Atlanta $39 Chicago $46
Las Vegas $19 New York City $29
Orlando $29 San Diego $50
Rates shown are nightly group hotel rates (10+ rooms). Group Hotels Save up to 77% with Group Hotel Rates!

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